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A great, easy way to try our proven Nitro and Energentics Relief Energy Packed Holograms. Get $50 worth of product, and a 60-day membership to Aegea, plus a 30-day Free Trial of our Mobile Marketing System, all for Only $7.95 shipping and handling.

  4 Nitro QuBITS

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Business Builder Packs:

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Quantum Card Pack - 86 energy items
The Pack For The True Business Builder.

  2 Quantum Cards

  36 Nitro QuBITS

  36 Energentics Relief

  12 EMF Shields

Executive Card Pack - 31 energy items
A great option if you are new to the business.

  1 Quantum Card

  12 Nitro QuBITS

  12 Energentics Relief

  6 EMF Shields

Freshness Card Pack - 6 cards
A game changer in “Freshness Innovation” - custom made product with results that are amazing!

  3 Freshness 2-Card Packs

Starter Pack $99 - 26 energy items
New To The Industry? The Starter Pack gets you going from day one!

  12 Nitro QuBITS

  12 Energentics Relief

  2 EMF Shields


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